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After countless family cook outs, favors for close friends, and just cooking for fun who would have thought one day it would turn into a business? Well

it did!

I can remember my wife, Tiffany, telling me for years that we should start a catering business and finally we did in 2017.


The Boiling King LLC, was established in January 2017, and we purchased our first food trailer in April of that year. We turned a passion for food into a business, without any formal training, college degrees or knowledge of business.


What we needed was guidance and no one was there to do so. We struggled and almost lost it all. We found out the hard way how to run a business.

That is why we started Vigorous Young Minds.


Vigorous Young Minds (VYM) was developed to mentor young adults on how to start their own business by providing them with personal experiences, workshops and training to avoid the same mistakes we did. 

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